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10" Blue Teal Plate_03

Back Painted _  Plate/Trays


This collection of creative plates was designed for a participation in a tablescape competition. Inspired by the natural transitions of our spectrum of colors, this  hand painted pieces are meant to decorate and explore the abstract, organic quality of alcohol ink in a new way.  


The pieces are mainly decorative, but can be used for serving in special occasions. The artwork is painted on the back of the glass plate, keeping the using area of the plate paint free. I like to use mine as base plate to combine with other plates. It can also be used to store every day tem (keys, wallet & sun glasses). But, I like to know I can also used them as serving trays as well   :)


Please note: Over exposure to water grease, detergent and water may cause undisirable reactions with the paint and varnish treatment on the back of the plate.

10" Blue Teal Plate_03

  • *** Not dishwash safe

    This piece was painted on the back of a translucend plate, and finished with clear varnish. 

    For soft cleaning, use a damp cloth with soap, and rinse. Handwash if needed, but avoid soaking in water.


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