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This piece combine the already beautiful dye technique with a patchwork block finishing. Mid/heavy weight, this piece embraces the flow of the fabric, while  beautifully contouring your silhoutte to emphasizing the flow,  and not your shape.  Composed of 96% Viskose  and 4% Elastane, the touch of this skirt is delicate, but firm. This piece is also incredible for spins - very satisfying brushing the grass




    • 96% Viskose, 4% Elastane
    • Lenght: 34.5"
    • Waist Diameter: 14" (relaxed) _ 18" (full strech)
    • Bottom Width: 36" 
    • Piece Weight: 13.2oz  / 374g
    • Palette: Coral, Gray, Cream & Peach

    Please note: The measurements were taken on a flat surface,  with relaxed threads. Slight change on lenght  and width may occur because of the natural flow of the threads related to the piece's weight.

    Manequin Dimensions:

    Height _ 5'10" • Waist _  24.5 " • Hip _  34" • Waist to feet  _ 44"

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